How to Get a Job at Ubisoft

If you’re a Canadian gamer with a passion for the gaming industry, Ubisoft offers exciting career prospects in the global video game company. Here’s a comprehensive guide to securing a job at Ubisoft, making your application stand out, and increasing your chances of joining the Ubisoft family.

1. Explore Gaming Opportunities at Ubisoft

Visit Ubisoft’s official website to uncover a universe of job opportunities in game development, design, animation, programming, and more. Find roles that align with your gaming skills and enthusiasm.

2. Craft a Tailored Resume and Cover Letter

Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight your gaming experience and technical skills. Showcase any game projects, collaborations, game jams, internships, or personal game development work you’ve done. Mention specific software tools, programming languages, or artistic skills relevant to the gaming industry.

3. Showcase Your Gaming Expertise and Creativity

Use specific examples in your resume to demonstrate your prowess in game development, design, or other gaming-related roles. Highlight any awards or accolades you’ve received for your work. In your cover letter, showcase your passion for Ubisoft’s game titles and your understanding of gaming trends and player preferences.

4. Build a Gaming Network

Network with gaming professionals, attend gaming events, and seek referrals to gain insights into Ubisoft’s hiring process. Engage with Ubisoft employees and recruiters on LinkedIn to expand your gaming industry network. Attend gaming conferences and workshops to interact with Ubisoft representatives and learn about the company’s culture and projects.

5. Prepare for the Ubisoft Interview

Research Ubisoft’s game portfolio, mission, and areas of focus before the interview. Be ready to discuss your contributions to the gaming community and demonstrate your enthusiasm for interactive entertainment. Practice answering gaming-related interview questions, showcasing teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity.

6. Apply for a Position at Ubisoft

Visit Ubisoft’s website’s career section to apply for open positions that match your gaming passion. Follow application instructions carefully and provide all required documents and information. Explore Ubisoft’s job listings on LinkedIn and other platforms, and proactively reach out to recruiters or employees.

7. Follow Up on Your Ubisoft Application

Consider sending a follow-up email after submitting your application to express your continued interest in the position. Keep it concise and professional, thanking them for considering your application and reiterating your enthusiasm for contributing to Ubisoft’s creative endeavors.

8. Explore Gaming Rewards and Benefits at Ubisoft

Working at Ubisoft offers perks like AAA video game development, a flexible and inclusive work environment, remote work options, health care coverage, and well-being initiatives. A career at Ubisoft provides not only a competitive salary but also abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth.

By following this guide and showcasing your gaming expertise and creativity, you can seamlessly navigate the job application process at Ubisoft and secure your dream job. Join Ubisoft’s world of gaming excellence and shape the future of interactive entertainment.